Expanded Andrea


Hello and welcome to my “Expanded Andrea” website. For those who don’t know me, my name is Andrea Menard, and I am a Metis singer, songwriter and actor who is visible in the world as a creative artist. You can find out more about me at http://www.andreamenard.com. But I have been wanting a place to express the connected, spiritual side of my nature and when I stumbled upon my new handle, expandreamenard, I knew this was the place.

Can we just play with my new name for a moment?





Fun, huh? This is why I had such joy when it came to me.

I truly am walking into an expanded phase of who I am. My re-location to Vancouver from Saskatoon in late 2011 started the whole process of expansion. I was very happy in my big house on the Saskatchewan river, but I was getting lazy and complacent and even a little sad. My big dreams were getting hazier and more distant the longer I ignored that dull sense of dissatisfaction in my belly. Not a good sign for a creative, spiritual seeker. One day, as I was walking along my beautiful river, I started to cry. It was one of those core, bone-deep sobs, and I knew I was to say goodbye to my river, to my home, and to my life in Saskatoon. My spirit had been calling, in fact yelling, for me to snap out of my routine, and listen for the next action. I finally listened. And acted. And here I am in Vancouver.

I have always felt my heart expand when I am engaged with Mother Earth’s natural beauty, but the energy and natural wonders of this west coast city are so different from the prairie city I came from. The beautiful enormous sky, volatile river and golden prairies have changed to incredible mountain views, smells of the ocean and lush forests and greenery. That in itself has launched new thoughts, feelings and desires. Meeting Mother Earth in this part of the country has opened my heart even wider, and I guess, has laid the groundwork for my expansion.

When our hearts expand, our whole outlook on life expands. Our thoughts, our beliefs, our joy, and yes, even our career, friendships, and love life. Have I found all these things? Yes. I can say my network and relationships and my career have expanded, but only because the expanded thoughts and beliefs about myself attracted new people and experiences into my life. The inner work always comes first.

With the help of Mother Earth, my spirit helpers, sacred silence, and prayer, I continue to expand my consciousness, let go of my self-imposed limits and reach for the joy in all situations. Don’t get me wrong, I fail all the time! But I keep trying because it is still the most worthwhile journey there is.

Thanks for being a part of my expanded family and I look forward to serving your journey in the best way I know how…with song, story, sacred teachings, and love.

Many many blessings to you,