I am a Music Messenger!

My friends, hear me declare myself as a Music Messenger.

Once again, I am a Music Messenger!

I am coining the term “Music Messenger” because I’ve discovered a profound change occurring in the hearts of a particular kind of musician. We are birthing a spiritual movement that manifests as a deep commitment to serve humanity. Our songs are like prayers and we want to elevate our words, our subjects and our songs to a high calibre for the benefit of others.

Like other spiritual seekers who express themselves through music, my particular style of music-making has fallen through the cracks within the music industry. Until now, I’ve been unable to come up with the right term or genre to describe my music and worldview, that satisfies the present music industry. I am many things: I am a singer/songwriter, a storyteller, a crooner, an empath, a balladeer, a siren, a traditional singer, an actor, a belter, a writer, an activator, a wailer, a feeler, a chanter, a lullaby’er, a healer, an oracle, etc. Where does ALL that fit in the mandate of a radio station, or funding body or on a booking agent’s roster? “But what are you though…Country? Pop? Jazz?”

I have come to the realisation that I have outgrown the traditional music industry.

As a woman who embraces the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual parts of myself, why would I hide the good bits – the juicy, ancient bits – to make myself fit within the mould of the mainstream media. I am the full Medicine Wheel of who I am and it is my responsibility to fly my true colours! Not just for myself, but for others who are embracing their complete selves as well. I am a Music Messenger and, when it comes down to it, we Music Messengers are more “spiritual initiates” than “commercial performers”.

There! I’ve said it.

So now what? Where do we fit?  And what the heck is a Music Messenger?

Besides embracing multi-genres and many styles, I have come up with several definitions that celebrate all the aspects that differentiate us from regular musicians.

– Music Messengers are singers who use their words and voice to communicate a message of hope and joy.

– Music Messengers create songs with the INTENTION of uplifting people’s spirits, opening people’s hearts, and bringing people together.

– Music Messengers aspire to raise the consciousness of Man.

– Music Messengers, like the Bards of Old, have successfully passed through the initiations of their own dramas, taken responsibility of their creations, and learned to translate this mystical journey into song for the benefit of others.

– Music Messengers sing of a personal relationship with our Divine Creator.

– Music Messengers endeavor to create high vibrational songs of love and joy that raise the frequency of the listener.

I am setting these words down on paper because someone needs to acknowledge this underground movement swelling up through the cracks. Someone needs to NAME the change that is happening within our musical hearts. We all know that religious hymns, sacred songs, and gospel music have been in existence for eons, and will continue to serve their holy messages through the various religious channels. But for the explosion of non-denominational spiritual seekers out there today, the songs need to express more of a “personal” relationship with God – more like God the “Pal”, rather than God the “One Who is Written About in This Big Book”. Music Messengers are creating this personal, but global musical movement.


What is the Music Messenger Movement?

It is the musical equivalent of the Self-Help movement – the industry based on helping people help themselves emotionally, spiritually, physically and mentally.

Just like the self-help books that lift us out of our despair, the music of the Music Messengers make us FEEL GOOD. Our music is more like an audio lecture. Our songs are meant to be mindfully paid attention to. Music Messengers’ songs inspire us in the same way beloved books from our favourite authors inspire us. When we reach for these books we are seeking comfort and wisdom and we’re receptive to the messages that jump out at us. Music Messengers endeavor to create the same effect…to soothe our weary hearts and bounce us back into our joy.

You may think that New Age music is the musical equivalent of the Self-help movement, and you would be absolutely right. It is. Within the New Age Music category you can find music that facilitates your yoga, relaxation, dancing, trance, healing and meditation needs. All of these modalities are used to uplift our spirits and make us feel better. However, there is a gap in the New Age movement that does not embrace vocally- and lyrically-based music because it interferes with the needs of the listener. The storytellers, the bards, the singers, the lyricists, and the medicine talkers fall through that gap. So, by owning our own purpose, which is to communicate a message of love and joy through our voice and our words, Music Messengers are creating our own category, much like Gospel, New Age, Blues, or World Music did in their day.

Some volatile element has shaken us awake, and we are here to record the mass awakening through song. Our attention is being drawn to the awareness of the suffering of others, and once we’ve tasted the nectar of compassion, we cannot help feel the call to serve. Music Messengers are here to serve.

I am a Music Messenger!!

And I love you.